Get Involved

Share in the life of our school and its commitment to providing students with high quality education.


With low student numbers, our school thrives thanks to a hard working school community and excellent parent / teacher and student relationships.

Parents provide the school with interest, friendship and enthusiastic participation in groups such as School Council and the Fundraising Committee.

We call upon our school community for assistance in grounds maintenance, reading programs and volunteering in other school activities as they arise. Without the support of our dedicated parents we, as a school, would find it hard to operate successfully.


We recognise that parents have the first and most significant influence on their child’s learning. At NPS your continued involvement in your child’s education is important so they can achieve the best possible learning results.

A positive, supportive attitude displayed at home towards school events and activities is important- we appreciate your involvement in this manner. Promoting discussion about the day’s learning and facilitating any home tasks is another great way to reinforce learning.

Please read our Parent Handbook for further information.